{ATTENTION}: Submissions now closed

Hello followers, this is Admin Natalie here. 

After discussing with Yra, Hanna, and Tia, we have decided to stop accepting submissions. Submissions that are still pending in the inbox will be made into posts (unless we reject them) but the submission box is now closed

Thank you guys so much for supporting this blog. It’s been a wonderful one and a half years. I have learned so much and felt so much joy running this blog. To our 14,184 followers who have stuck with us through ups and downs, we truly thank you for making this blog such a success. 

We started this out of boredom and cannot believe how far it successful it ended up to be. 

To those of you wondering why we are shutting down the blog, it is due to personal reasons like school and life. 

This blog was a big part of the admins’ lives for the time being but life goes on. Tia and I will be heading to college in a few months and have become very busy with our part-time jobs and school work. I barely have time to update my personal blog sometimes and making edits and gifs takes a lot of time. 

Trends come and go and we believe our blog was a trend just like any other, everything comes to an end but it doesn’t have to be sad. It’s just a natural phenomenon. 

We will still be posting the rest of the details that we have not done so this is not the end yet. But submissions are now closed and will be staying closed. please do not try to submit through the ask or fanmail, your detail will not be looked at but simply deleted. 

If you have any questions or opinions or concerns, feel free to send us an ask. We will be happy to answer asks.

We will be making a post to tell you all when we have done every single remaining approved submission so don’t go anywhere yet :) We will not delete the blog either. We are still alive. It will take us a while to get through all the ones we still have. 

In the mean time, please continue to support our blog by reblogging, liking, and sending asks. We will be answering them. 


- Admin Natalie